Women Can Your Breast Size Really Change Your Sex Life

Women Find Out How You Can Change Your Breast Shape Naturally

There is no denying that most men are aroused by the beautiful sight of a woman’s breast. Studies have shown that is true of men from all cultures from around the world. Though what is not readily known, is just what are the features or combination of characteristics that make up the attractiveness.

How Do Men Rate Breasts?

Why do men favor certain breast shapes over others? In a recent study, it was uncovered that men from countries like; Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic, and Namibia found that the highest-rated feature that was found most attractive was the overall shape of a woman’s breast and not necessarily the size.

The study proved that across the board men found the firmness of the breasts as the number factor. One fact that was determined was that most males associated if the firmness of the female’s breast as a time of fertility.

How Breasts Change with Childbirth and Breastfeeding?

What is the reason men found firm boobs? According to the researchers, breasts change with childbirth and breastfeeding, which changes the boobs’ firmness.

What most women don’t know is that there are up to 7 breast types, you might have seen maybe 2 or 3 of them, including tiny, large, and really huge. Just so you know, size is not the deciding factor when it comes to boobs and most women don’t know there are natural ways to change their breasts.

7 Different and Distinct Types of Breasts

There are at least 7 different and distinct types of boobs, according to a major bra manufacturer.

It might be beneficial for you to know what shape of boobs that you have so you work on the best way to enhance your assets, this was compiled by a popular Women’s Health Magazine

7 Basic Breast Types Types, What Type Do You Have?

  1. Asymmetric
    Breasts are different sizes, one breast is bigger than the other or shaped is unmatched.
  2. Bell Shape
    Bell breasts are heavier overall, the shape is narrow at the top and bigger at the boob bottom.
  3. East West
    Boobs generally have a slight slope from the top to the bottom and to the sides.
  4. Side Set
    Side set breasts usually contain a wide space in between the pair and the nipples usually point straight out.
  5. Slender
    These are usually the smaller, perky type boobs.
  6. Tear Drop
    Resembles the bell shape but the slope is not as pronounced, can be seen easier from the side view.
  7. Round
    Round is usually associated with boob jobs cosmetic surgery or some woman are blessed naturally.

Women, Find Out How You Can Change Your Shape Naturally

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